SHB8584Z – ★★★★★ Pleasant Trip


31 Dec 2016   Foo Jia Ling | Taxi Company: Comfort Taxi My family and I have boarded his taxi after attending a wake and we were in low spirit. However, Mr Taxi driver were able to put a smile on our face with his extremely jovial, outgoing and positive attitude. Even though the trip […]


SHD2105C – ★ Terrible


30 Dec 2016   Geraldine Lim | Taxi Company: Prime Taxi I wasn’t feeling well so I decided to hire a cab however I didn’t know that it could be so terrible. I told the driver Miss YAP YIN MAIN that I want to go to Seng Kang, she said that she needed to make […]


SHC616K – ★ Cheater taxi driver


29 Dec 2016   Steve | Taxi Company: Premier Taxis Premier taxi man, when I board his taxi in Changi T2 at 00:48 hrs..He never say he only accept cash. After moving off from terminal I asked if can accept credit card or nets.. He said no – only cash. He said the old woman […]


SB1765M – ★ Reckless! negative stars


25 Dec 2016   Neriza | Taxi Company: SMRT Taxis On 25-12-16 at 0625 hrs, while crossing avenue 1, this taxi suddenly cross while green man! I could have been hurt badly!!! You must do something of him please he will surely hurt people!


SHA7778 – ★ Tried to Run Me Over


22 Dec 2016   Faisal Alsagoff | Taxi Company: Comfort Taxi Tried to run me over


SHB5735A – ★★★★★ Enjoyable ride


10 Dec 2016   Taxi Company: SMRT Taxis Enjoyed our ride


SHB1041J – ★ Bad temper driver


2 Dec 2016   Taxi Company: Premier Taxis Already near the destination, the driver took a wrong turn. Got mad at me said it was my fault and he is in a rush. I told him the address from the beginning. He had a very bad temper and turned red. I told him to let […]


SHC5722G – ★ Outrageous


2 Dec 2016   Muhd Rizal | Taxi Company: Transcab My destination: Kallang Netball Court. I alighted this cab at Chin Swee road I am use to taking cab and always have this same route which I consider but without consulting me, he straight away drove to the busy Chinatown CBD area and even when […]