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SMART Cab was established in 1991 with 3 vehicles. With over 2,441 SMART taxi cabs on the road today, an impressive record of clientele comprising many Multi National Companies (MNC), SMEs and government bodies have been build up over time. Today, Smart is proud to announce its inaugural quality class SUPREME Limousine Service using Compressed Natural Gas (CNG).

Johnny Harjantho, Managing Director of Smart Cab, started with diesel vehicles for his taxi company. He believes that when the economy continues to grow there will be more vehicles on the road and inevitably pollution. Thus, Johnny decided to be the pioneer for CNG and take up the green challenge to support the environment and create a clean city for healthy living.

Land Transport Authority (LTA) has not renewed Smart Automobile’s taxi service operator licence when it expires at the end of September 2013. LTA cited reasons of Smart not meeting Quality of Service performance for the past two and a half years and lack of commitment to meet other regulatory conditions.

Smart Cab’s exit brings the total number of taxi operators in Singapore to six.

Taxi company: SMART Cab
Holding company: SMART Automobile Pte Ltd.
Incorporated: 2004
Closed: Sept 2013
Brand: SMART Cabs
Colour: Green
Fleet size at it’s peak: 2,441

Normal Taxis (Colour: Green)

If you happen to see a Green color Toyota taxi with a ‘Dove’ logo on the road, that is Smart taxi. With the latest GPS and advanced booking systems, we assure commuters the fastest booking delivery.

And never forget the latest music video clip and news with the digital TV mobile, the first and the only taxi company that have TV mobile on the taxi for the commuter to enjoy.

  • Smart Cab Toyota Crown (4-seater)

Starting Meter Fare: S$2.80
Current Booking (Peak): S$3.50
Current Booking (Non-Peak): S$2.50
Advance Booking: S$5.20

Supreme (Colour: White)

  • Smart Cab Mercedes-Benz E2000 CNG Taxi Limousine (4-seater)
  • Smart Cab Volkswagen Touran (4-seater)
  • Smart Cab Skoda (4-seater)

Starting Meter Fare: S$3.00
Current Booking (Peak): S$3.50
Current Booking (Non-Peak): S$2.50
Advance Booking: S$5.20

39 Tampines Street 92, #01-00
Singapore 528883
Tel : 6485 7700
Fax : 6485 7711

Smart Cab Review

by Frankie Chee, The Straits Times

800 cabs and 12 operators
Tel: 6485-7777 / 6485-7799(limousine taxis)

Call service: I could not get a cab on three occasions after waiting for about six minutes each time for a cab to be assigned.

When I tried the new LTA number, I got a cab almost immediately.

Two of the Smart call centre staff were reasonably courteous but one shocked me with his lack of politeness. After saying ‘hello’, I told him my location and where I wanted to go.

Without a word – not even a ‘Thank you’ or ‘Please hold on’ or attempts to confirm my location, name or phone number – he just hung up and directed my call to the automated cab-assigning service. And guess what, no cab was available.

Punctuality: The one time I managed to get a Smart cab, I was told it would arrive in seven minutes.

After waiting by the side of the road for 25 minutes, there was still no sign of it, and no phone call from the driver.

Verdict: The name of this cab company is truly a misnomer for one that was also the lowest-ranked in a survey by LifeStyle two years ago. It’s either you don’t get a taxi, or you get one which doesn’t show up. ‘Nuff said.

Rating: Stars? What stars? Trying to get a cab from them is making me see stars.

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