22 Sept 2013   Audry Afrininta | Taxi Company: Premier Taxis
“I have told the driver to take me to a place next to Lavender MRT. As we drove through victoria st, i asked him to go over the right lane because i needed him to turn right to the apt (southbank) right there on the right. He made a u turn and i asked him to turn right instead. He started yelling because he assumed i told him to do a u turn and i said it is rude to him to yell and scream He later on screamed because i said “”rude”” and told me it is dangerous and it was my fault to ask him to do a u turn and complained i said it was lavender mrt which I CLEARLY said NEXT to lavender MRT. I am not sure if the guy expects me to speak in singlish so he understands but i have had taxi drivers in singapore yelled and screamed at me and actually made me cry. So please try to hire people who are friendlier. I told him i will report this and he SCREAMED “”GO AHEAD!!! Thank YOU!”” After i paid 12 dollars for a very scary 10.80 ride I am not happy at all this experience has left me shaky The name on his ID is toh eng cheong “