SHB9563C – ★ Choosy & Naggy Driver

4 Oct 2016   Taxi Company: Transcab

I boarded taxi SHB9563C at Tanglin Shopping Centre and told the driver to go to Bt Panjang (BP). His first reaction – I don’t like to go BP, no customers there. Then he added, this hour go there, jam everywhere! I just came from Choa Chu Kang, now I come back again. Later I have to go Mandai ZOO for customers! You know what I mean? I can feel he is super reluctant to go BP and he keeps complaining BP has no customers!

As approaching my destination, I asked him to turn left. He said he doesn’t eat “”potatoes””, so he doesn’t know “”turn left”” or “”turn right””, so I said “”turn left”” in Chinese. He asked why I cannot speak in Chinese since I am not potato ( Caucasian).

I am paying for the taxi fare, it is not free ride!!
How can he choose his preferred destination as a taxi driver?
How can he keep nagging?
He really has some attitude problem.

Trans Cab, please look into this!