Grab App Singapore

With its iconic green logo and having first entered the market as a service modeled after the Uber enterprise, Grab has since maintained a competitive edge in the metropolitan climate of Singapore with its user-friendly app and its interactive driver-rider platform available when a booking has been made. Grab, in an impressive feat, later acquired Uber and has since largely taken over Southeast Asia’s ride-hailing market. 

The Grab app and its services are a product of research and development tailored to the growing needs of a modern audience. Not just an app for booking rides to your favourite places, the tech platform also provides users easy access to services such as food delivery, cashless payment and a point-collecting system which could allow users to redeem promotion vouchers in the app itself. 

Featuring a wide array of services in terms of transportation, Grab has continuously improved its catalogue by adding transfer options that cater to different crowds, from those seeking an efficient taxi-booking experience (JustGrab), carpooling options (GrabShare and GrabHitch) to the more recent niche market pet lovers (GrabPet). Tourists in Singapore would also be enthralled to find that Grab has added GrabCoach into its fleet, which boasts a minivan or bus option that could cater to your group size as you navigate your way through the sunny streets of this first-class city. 

Metered taxis have an element of uncertainty when it comes to transfers, but with Grab, users would know the fare before booking. Payment could also be made in-app so you would never have to worry about looking for exact change to pay the driver. With Grab, the convenience that comes with booking a ride all but lingers on your fingertips!

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