EasyTaxi Singapore

The competition among the players in the ride-hailing industry has led to the exit of EasyTaxi from the Singapore market in 2015. 

EasyTaxi is a Brazilian-based start-up which entered the ride-hailing market of Singapore back in December 2013 and had, at one point, managed to accrue 20,000 taxi drivers onto its profile. Whilst the novel idea of a taxi-hailing mobile app was introduced globally in the early 2010s, Asia had remained a newfound market at the time of EasyTaxi’s entry. 

The introduction of other ride-hailing apps such as the more renowned Uber and, later on its acquirer, Grab, were proposed to be the reasons behind EasyTaxi’s winding-up in 2015. 

At the time of its exit from the Singapore market, it was reported that the company would seek to solidify its stronghold in Latin America in an attempt to stave off any aggressive expansion by then-rival company Uber. 

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