Welcome to your PDVL Practice Exam Paper 2

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1. What is the definition of a private hire car?
2. What is private hire car?
3. A private hire car shall be periodically inspected, tested and approved by the Registrar ___________________________
4. Where do you display the approved fare?
5. If there is a long queue of passengers at Esplanade Theatres on the Bay, can you pick up passengers for a fare?
6. Who is authorised to drive a private hire car?
7. Who is responsible for the safety of the passenger in the private hire car?
8. Who can be licensed as a private hire driver?
9. Can all vehicles use the taxi stand?
10. Can you solicit for passengers?
11. How far away from a bus stop can you set down passengers?
12. Can you set down a wheelchair-bound passenger in the bus lane during its operating hours?
13. Can you or your passengers smoke in air-conditioned taxi?
14. Can you verbally insult, intimidate or harass a passenger in any manner?
15. On the requirement for private hire car, which of the following statements is false?
16. Under what circumstances can you obtain any fare which exceeds those specified in the booking apps?
17. What must you do when your vocational licence is suspended?
18. Under the Vocational Licence Points System (VLPS), driver's vocational licence will be revoked if the driver _______________?
19. Under VLPS, what is the penalty for failing to stop close to the verge of the road?
20. Under VLPS, what will the driver get if he tampers with his vocational licence?
21. Under VLPS, what is the penalty for failing to surrender vocational licence upon suspension or cancellation of licence?
22. Under VLPS, what is the penalty for failing to ensure the safety of a passenger entering or alighting from vehicle?
23. For third party taxi booking service providers, which of the following statements is false?
24. What must you do if your original Vocation Licence is found after getting a replacement?
25. Can you terminate hiring of your vehicle or requiring passenger to leave your vehicle, without reasonable excuse, before passenger is conveyed to the destination?