Premier Taxis SHD1445C – ★ The driver is super rude

19 May 2018   Ng Yu Wen | Taxi Company: Premier Taxis

I understand this feedback came in quite late, but I still would like to feedback about this particular driver whose name I was not able to capture. The whole trip was quite smooth until the time where we were about to alight. The driver asked if we have smaller change as we handed him a $50 note. My aunt offered coins so it would be easier for him to find change too as we do not have any smaller notes. He just said “then don’t need” in a rude tone which I feel is super rude of a driver to his passenger. I hope that he would be able to change his attitude towards the passengers as he has ruined the mood of my aunt due to his rudeness. Thank you for taking the time to read!

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