Premier Taxis SHC6769R – Taxi driver took a detour!

5 Dec 2013   mhliusg | Taxi Company: Premier Taxis
last night decided to take a taxi instead of mrt as my wife was not feeling well. from Jubilee Ang Mo Kio Ave 8 to Sembawang, shortest way is of course through Lentor Ave. but the driver decided to take a 90 degree turn and head to Upper Thomson Road. i thought never mind, maybe he wants to drive in Sembawang Road from there. but just about the taxi was going to cross the junction from Upper Thomson to Sembawang Road, the driver decided to make a right turn and enter into Mandai Road. oh my gosh, what is this? from Mandai he turned to SLE, then Woodland Ave 12, made a “good” circle back to Sembawang. i was not able to direct him because my attention was on my wife as she was extremely unwell. but the thing is, the driver never explain to me why he decided to take longer route, throughout the trip never talk to me. in the end a supposed 10min drive become 20min, and it defeats the purpose why we take taxi in the first place, to be back home faster, and rest early.

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