Premier Taxis SHC64485 – ★ Rude taxi driver

16 Nov 2017   Taxi Company: Premier Taxis

He pick us up at next mall going to amk st 31, one of my fellow passenger sit down beside him and he was a bit upset already because his paper bag was in that seat beside him. And he don’t know where to put his paper bag. I offer to put his paper bag behind and he said nothing.
Then his paper bag was out of balance because it was place in the drivers handbrake. It almost fell, the passenger in front hols the paper bag and offer him to put beside him, and he SHOUTED saying don’t touch my thing, the passenger said sorry u can i only offer if u can place here, and we was angry already telling that his thing will be spoiled.
Following he shouted again telling that my address was not right and there is no such thing. I told him go to the other way.
All along the way he keep on banging his paper bag and keep on stomping.
Please do something about it he is not a pleasant driver.

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