3 Dec 2013   Mrs Seah | Taxi Company: Comfort Taxi
Waited at the taxi stand at Goldenmile Complex. This particular taxi was picking me and my son. As i was carrying many bags and holding on to a kid, i told this driver to help carry the bags to the boot. Instead, he began shouting out and complaint that HE IS A DRIVER AND NOT LABOUR CARRYING THINGS FOR CUSTOMERS. As i had liver conditions which does not allow me to exert physically over, i could not lift too heavy bags onto the boot. But rather than being friendly and helpful, this driver is totally unprofessional and kept talking out loud and complaining even when we were in the car. Finally, when we reached, perhaps he was guilty of his earlier behavior or he realised he is in the service industry, automatically he went to the boot and remove the bags and put on the floor without me asking. Still, overall, this ride is shocking for a mother with a 6yrs old kid who needs some assistance. I find that a driver must be made informed by the company that they are not only supposed to DRIVE. They are responsible for the riding experience for the passengers right from picking the passengers to dropping off, includes the carrying of things. regards, upset mum

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