SMRT Taxis SHC68884R – very very bad

4 Dec 2013   Bhushan | Taxi Company: SMRT Taxis
I don’t remember who is service provider of this taxi but driver was really a very rude, bad mouth person. This is how it was happened, me and my friend board this taxi from next to Mustafa (near city square mall) to Marina bay sands. When driver asked rent I offered him 100 dollar note because of insufficient change, then he replied “Don’t play with me a stupid game and give me change”. I was shocked. So I asked my friend to pay but he was also not having change. Finally we asked him can he accept card payment or we will look ATM nearby and get 50 dollar notes to pay taxi rent and then suddenly he started a very mouth at us. I never saw such rude, bad driver in my life. I have decided to complain to police.

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