SMRT Taxis SHB5008R – ★ Unprofessional

11 Dec 2018   Sebastian | Taxi Company: SMRT Taxis

I was with my wife heading to commission of Malaysia located at around Newton I guess.. So I got up this taxi at Yishun MRT station, when we got up we told him the address and first he started driving but guess what, on the way he was actually unhappy based on the attitude he gave me, he told me that the place I’m going was very far from here why don’t I take the train instead and he continue to rant on, and said that “you see it’s so far I have to drive you over there and come back to Yishun again” as he is changing shift.

Firstly, the roof he put was in green colour so I didn’t know that he was changjng shift. Secondly, he could have change the roof to only Yishun or some specific place that is convenient for him so that people can take note. Thirdly, he could have ask where am I going first before he confirm with me that I can get up the vehicle but he did not do all these step so I assumed that he could go anywhere else, so why did he has to start ranting when we were on the way to my destination and showed his unhappiness, he still demanded that next time round I should take train to the place and then take taxi from there so that easy for other taxi driver who is changing shift and not making trouble for them like this, he also said that “you see it’s because I’m changing shift so I have to go there and come back here again which is very troublesome”.

So my question is, why was he ranting so much when he agreed to pick me up at first? And also if the place is that near, why do I even have to take a taxi? His attitude is really horrible, I didn’t expect a cab driver from SMRT to act this way. It’s disappointing I hope you guys can do something about this and give me an answer and what’s more is that my wife just gave birth so of course I can’t let her walk too much. So that’s why taxi is the best choice, nothing wrong with that right, but the attitude is really horrible.

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