Premier Taxis SHC6943D – ★ Unhappy

19 Jul 2017   Ho Hui Xia | Taxi Company: Premier Taxis
Driver Name: Mr Yan Yong Cheng, is my driver for today. When I reaching my destination, I asked him nicely to drop me off infront abit towards Taxi stand as there’s a ‘U’ turn that actually I don’t want to make it there. And after I speak, he is not happy and accelerate speed up. He also mentioned to me he knows what to and no need to teach him. This makes me even more angry and when comes to paying him by cash, I keep quiet stare at him, and he said no need to stare him until like this. And even call me crazy. And why I am writing this to file a complain is just to let this company to take note of it and handle this situation. Thank you

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