Premier Taxis SHC6388 – HORRIBLE SERVICE

22 Oct 2013   Sham Bin Maskhor | Taxi Company: Premier Taxis

I was from Sengkang wanted to go to Bukit Panjang Camp. It was around 7++ when i flagged this Premier Silvercab Mercedes. I said to the driver the destination that i wanted to head to. The taxi driver asked me to show him the way to my destination. I clearly knew that we had to enter the highway toward SLE, BKE. He did not asked me if i wanted to go another route that is much further with ERP charges. When being asked, he said the highway was jam but when i called my wife who was heading towards Woodlands taking a bus going through the same highway, she said it was not jam at all. Without asking my decision, he went a longer route. He went from TPE to CTE to PIE the, to BKE. He went all around Singapore. I asked him nicely why did he took a longer route that result me with a $40++ cab fare. I asked him why didn’t he take the highway towards SLE, BKE, he responded rudely saying “It was jam what?!” while staring at me through centre mirror. The driver was also driving recklessly. When we reached my destination, I usually have to pay less than $30 for the cab fare. I said to the taxi driver that i only brought $30 cash with me but he scolded me saying that I have to pay all the cab fare that worth $42++. He also said ” In the first place why would i flag a cab if i don’t have money with me. A destination of me going from Sengkang to Bukit Panjang Camp could cost me below $30. Due to the ERP charges and the driver bringing me to the whole Singapore, I had to pay $42+ cab fare. He gave me a smirked look and he was very rude. Is this how taxi drivers treat their customers?? Doing what they like and not asking their customers decision. I am really not happy with this situation. I may be an NSmen but I’m not stupid with the road system. I hope you would do something about this kind of driver behavior and bad attitude.

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