Comfort Taxi SHC1631L – ★ Worst experience ever

27 Oct 2016   Lydia | Taxi Company: Comfort Taxi
This morning around 9am+ At Newton Mrt , once i sat into his car I told the driver I wanted to go Shangri-la Hotel . He immediately ” huh! Shang!” With an annoyed tone! After that he asked me the way to it ” Turn left or right?” In a very rude tone . ( I don’t mind him asking but at least ask properly right?) By the way whole journey he keep sighing for what hell reason I have no idea. When I reach the destination, he asked me in a very annoyed tone where to park the car. Not like I didn’t pay the fare right. Singapore taxi company should really can’t blame the customers to go to grabcar or uber. Seriously ruined my morning.

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