Comfort Taxi SHB3952C – ★ Worst ride ever!

25 Feb 2018   Jermine Wu | Taxi Company: Comfort Taxi

Cab driver attitude was terrible. The first thing when we board the cab he didn’t acknowledge the destination we were heading to and when we were near our destination he didn’t drop us at the said destination but instead shouted “HOW LONG DO WE INTEND TO STAY IN THE CAB” at the TOP of his voice. We did not even have any form of communication with him for the whole ride so are sure that we did not offend him in any way. Is this the kind of attitude a passenger deserve? He sounded like he wanted to chase us out of the cab. If I don’t remember wrongly I’m paying for every minute I stay in the cab. Worst cab experience ever! I do take frequent comfort cab trips in my job scope and this is really an upsetting experience. Please do something about it, as these kind of drivers really tarnish your brand reputation.

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