Comfort Taxi SHA8833K – ★ Dangerous driving, total disregard of the safety of children at the zebra crossing

14 Feb 2018   Delphene Teo | Taxi Company: Comfort Taxi

I was standing at the end of Monk’s Hill Road waiting for my children this afternoon. As they were nearing the zebra crossing outside their school, along Winstedt Road, this taxi continued moving without slowing down. Even when my children were standing at the zebra crossing, this taxi drove across the zebra crossing instead of stopping for the children to cross. This kind of behavior and total disregard for the safety of pedestrians is absolutely unacceptable. If my children had not stopped and waited for the taxi to pass, an accident would have happened and the consequences would have been dire. The actions of this driver should not be condoned. I hope ComfortDelgro takes a firm and serious on this.

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