SHD0061H- Warning – Transcab drivers often overcharge!


31 Aug 2013   Marcus | Taxi Company: Transcab “This incident happened some time ago…..I did report it to Transcab and had many conversations with them. They admitted that their cab had overcharged and said they would refund me. However, in the end, they never made the refund despite many unanswered requests. I am posting […]


SHB7662M- Driver tried to overcharge


31 Aug 2013   Marcus | Taxi Company: Transcab “Caught a taxi from Changi Airport to Tanjong Rhu this morning at 6:30am. The Driver tried to charge me a surcharge of S$6.50 at the end. When I asked why, he looked embarassed and changed it to the normal surcharge of S$3.00. I am 100% certain […]


SHB5552K- Rude


31/08/2013   Ashley Ross | Taxi Company: Smart Cab I flagged the taxi and as I open the door, he immediately tell me to hurry up, as my mom is walking towards the door he rudely rising his voice for us to hurry up. I informed him that my mom is about to reach and […]


SHD9506 -No show


28 Aug 2013   Wong Min Qi | Taxi Company: Transcab Cab no. 9506 confirmed my booking at 57 Hume Avenue through the Trans Cab app but did not show up at all. When I look at the Map (in the app), he/she was driving further and further away, which indicates he/she did not even […]




27 Aug 2013   Theresa | Taxi Company: Transcab The driver was driving very slowly even though it was not traffic and was trying to eat money. He also shouted saying “PLEASE DO NOT NAG AGAIN” He also threatened to stop the cab and will leave me on the road to walk by myself. It […]


SHD2710E – Driver was rude and nasty


25 Aug 2013   Jude Fernandopulle We stopped ( family of 4 with 3 baggage s) the taxi around 1pm 25 Aug 2013 along Kitchener road close to city square mall. We wanted to know whether the bags could be loaded in. Driver said he should check. But as it was impossible we said we […]


SHC295E – Very bad attitude driver


25 Aug 2013   Jude Fernandopulle | Taxi Company: Comfort Taxi Me and my friend was waiting for a cab along woodlands ave 2 (opp Marsiling MRT) when this particular cab stop over. After we got on the cab and told him our destination, then he told us he was doing a shift change at […]


SHC4604X – Taxi driver acting hero!


23 Aug 2013   Suzie Lee| Taxi Company: SMRT Taxis “Please note that this is not a ride complaint. This happened last Thurs at Binjai Park Caltex. Your driver was with me in the petrol kiosk that evening around 10.20pm. He was there earlier then me BUT was not in the Q as he went […]


SHD6135P – My 1st complaint – Driver is totally rude & arrogant


22 Aug 2013   Kim | Taxi Company: SMRT Taxis “SHD6135P or SHD6153P (Maroon SMRT Cab) Female Malay driver. Boarded cab around 9.40pm from taxi stand along Yishun MRT. She turned on the meter even before I boarded the cab. I told her Yishun Ave 9, Blk 245. She purposely slow down to get the […]


SHD5430T – Rude taxi driver of Transcab


22 Aug 2013   Taxi Company: Transcab I also found one rude taxi driver of Transcab company-No.SHD5430T at Tampines Mall. I just asked him whether you know shortcut go to my home or not. But he replied me that “”then drive thru building, it will be faster”” Am I his friend for joking??? Of course […]