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SBH8238l – Very bad attitude

28 Dec 2013   Hu Shan Shan | Taxi Company: Comfort Taxi
I will like to file a complaint to the above female taxi driver at punggol on 28/12/2013. She was road hogging along a two lane two carriage way. Due to the extreme left lane had a accident while making a right turn she purposely slowed down just to see the accident scene. Later on at the next traffic red light, and she was using vaguarities on us just becoz we honked at her for road hogging. This is totally unacceptable!

SHC1884Z – Disgrace to the profession.

23 Dec 2013   Mr Tan | Taxi Company: Comfort Taxi
1. He watch video on his mobile n drove at 65 to 70km.How to concentrate on driving safety n smooth? 2.His route planning cost me $15.95 which I think can be $12.95. Drove from vivo city from ECP enroute to Geylang to Bendemeer. SHOULD, go by CTE n come out by Serangoon. No need to make a big loop again at Bendemeer exit, Mom is only 100m by the filter lane. 3.Wearing earpiece n watching video, can hear hornnings from cars? 4.I dun want to complaint in the first place but his enthics really pisses me off.

SHD 5036 – Dishonest cabbie

19 Dec 2013   Peter Koh | Taxi Company: Transcab
Worst trip of my days, i board an cab from tampines century square with an colleague to tampines ave 10 and ang mo kio ave 10. He display M.parade stating shift change sign. Initally i thought forget it, i won’t get to board. He stop near me at the taxi stand, i say tampines, he shake his head but when i finish my sentences with “” and Ang mo kio”” he say ok.. I feel so weird, so i n my colleague board. He started the conversation saying, “” i make so many rounds already from tampines One to tampines mall then finally pick me at century square Tampines taxi stand.. He keep saying all the passengers waste his time, all wish to go nearby only, he won’t earn much so he don’t want to pick. i supposed cab driver as stated are not allowed to do that but he was so proud that he say he always choose carefully by pretending to display shift change to pick where he wants to go.. he started to my first destination and drop my colleague, on the way out of tampines ave 10 dormintory, he stop at the first traffic light suddenly, he reversed his car and say let’s go TPE faster. i say oh OK, then i had no feeling that he trying to detour purposely but when he could easily drive up TPE – CTE exit Ang mo kio, he drive to PIE, i was texting all the way so i didn’t realised anything wrong, maybe he thought that was nearer, i fine with the extra travelling distance although i feel if he still to normal route might save me a few dollar, so when he finally exit Ang mo kio ave 1, i look at the meter and when it turn into ave 10 near to my house, i started preparing my money stating $18.14, surcharge from below the meter stated 4.55. but around 20m to my stop, he covered with his left on the meter display and pressed the button. i did not feel any unusual until the moment he removed his hands and from the little tv like display after totalling up showed $25.69. i was shock, suddenly the fares is far from my initial calculated, i took my wallet out from my bag again then i ask why SO MUCH? he hesitated and say no ah, got surcharge, i realised what happened when he covered the display, he was trying to charge me EXTRA, i started to question him, can you explain the extra charge, he started to say with very diffident tone, “”got anything wrong? should be correct””, i stared at him, and say why surcharge suddenly become $7.55 instead of $4.55??? he started to realise i must know something, so he ask me so”” should be how much?”” i say you tell me, he say “” oh i know, you see you no booking right? , so deduct $3.00 , don’t why shown wrongly with $3.00 booking fee.. Come on, you purposely covered the display before stopping and when my head look down to verify my money, you try to cheat a mister $3.00 to earn extra.. I am very sure he knew everything, from the way he react, basic common sense proved that he must be doing that EXTRA button coverage to earn from people who are not looking carefully at the meter. i was very very disappointed by such dishonesty, so i writing this not because of the $3.00 which i didn’t pay, is that i hope this issue won’t be dealt with seriously against such professional ethics of taxi driver..

SHD9685Z – Irresponsible and Dishonest driver

18 Dec 2013   Veiter Soo | Taxi Company: Transcab
on the 6th of November, I was traveling along Alexandra Road before Tanglin Road. I came to a halt because of traffic light. SHD9685Z taxi was on my right side and hit my right side mirror. It damage my mirror. We stopped after Tanglin Road to access the damage. He admitted his fault and offered $20 as a form to repair the mirror. I refused and it not only damage the mirror but also the motor. I offered to source for the cheapest workshop to replace. He said he could not afford and I suggest to report to insurance. I took 2 days for him to decide if he wants me to report. He decide that we should report to our respective insurance. After reporting to my insurance, I sent my car in for repair. My workshop inform me that this driver did not report to his insurance. I tried contacting him for several weeks, he refused to response and refused to give me a resolution. Despite many SMSes to him, he does not want to respond. this damage has cause driving inconvenience. he did response once and wanted my insurance to write formally to him to request for his taxi video to submit to my insurance. This is not co-operating as he is playing games with me to prolong the time. I tried to write to Transcab and reminded several time for update. I did not get to hear from them. I called their hotline and no one picks up. I wonder if the taxi company is still functioning and just making enough revenue. I am not sure if Mr Teo Kiang Ang is aware of his fleet of taxis having Irresponsible and Dishonest drivers around. I am not taking this matter at rest and allow Irresponsible and Dishonest drivers go scot-free with every accidents they just make. VERY DISAPPOINTED.

SHC4701Z ★★★★★ – A pleasant ride

17 Dec 2013   Alexiel Goh | Taxi Company: SMRT Taxis
Mr Tan Kim Leong picked me up from Tai Seng Drive where it was very difficult to get a cab, and despite the inconvenience for him (heading towards bedok), the gentleman kindly drove me to 2 places for delivery (Shaw road and caldecott hill), his patience and understanding definitely made my day a pleasant one.

SHC0134L – Rude nasty driver

15 Dec 2013   Tosh | Taxi Company: CityCab
We took a cab and we told the driver nicely where to go. Then he said cannot drop there. But then he started shouting at us and saying rude words. I don’t think drivers should be nice to be like that. For foreigners, resident or to anyone. We are customers. But this me. Kwa chin yee is a rude and racist. He said u foreigners go come here take our money! Exact words he said. I mean y does that thing need to be included right?! We help this country too if we come then there’s tourism plus if we work here we do it in the best of our ability. We work as professionals and we don’t deserve such a rude shouting driver. For no reason especially. Such a racist too.

SHB4126P – Terrible

14 Dec 2013   Dannie Tan | Taxi Company: Comfort Taxi
I was heading to Bishan St 24 from Yishun Ave 1 to hand my friend something. At the junction, i asked the cab driver to turn to the right car park but instead he turned to the left car park which is much more further. I corrected him by asking him to turn to the right, he shouted at me and asked me that which car park do i want him to turn in? Nonetheless, i still spoke to him politely and told him to turn in to the 1st right car park. From the journey back from Bishan to Yishun St 81, the driver was driving at a speed of 80 to 90km/hr which is speeding. I did not expected that rude attitude was thrown to me as i have told him to turn the right before he head to anywhere. This is really terrible as Singapore is truly a service orientated country. i am disappointed with my encounter with Comfort City Cab.

SHD3922D – Inconsiderate and unsafe driving!

13 Dec 2013   Zulkeflee Omar | Taxi Company: Comfort Taxi
Change lane or overtaking excessively

SHD 90Z – Traumatic

13 Dec 2013   Tham Yoke Peng | Taxi Company: Premier Taxis

Refused to follow instructions despite being told another route says he knows better. Much longer route. Refused to help with luggage.says he has to collect fare inside cab so he cannot come out.coz his change is inside cab.very rude and arrogant. I left t door open in protest to his attitude. He SHOUTED u r so rude in full view of everyone. 8 am changi airport t1 SHD90z I have photo of car and driver


SHA8317 – Taxi did not want to pick us !

26 Dec 2013   Joyce | Taxi Company: Comfort Taxi
1700 at redhill this cab came along and wind down his wind screen and refuse to pick up his customer He only wanted to choose his destination His cab did not have any sign to say its occupied or change of shift . So this is not correct for public transport to behave in this manner He drove off after we told him where we are going