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SHD9449P – Irresponsible Cabbie Whom Never Turn up

12 Dec 2013   Joelle | Taxi Company: Transcab

I had a cab booking this morning at 840am. This cab SHD5905x confirmed my booking. After 7 min i still do not see any sign of him. I called the customer service and they said i couldn’t get hold of driver. They made me hold on the line for 10 min but never give me a replacement. I only got another confirmation at 10am which is SHD9449P. Again this cab did not turn up. Plus today this is my third time encounting such situation. Thats my final. Transcab is not reliable. Customer service failed badly even though i said wanted to lodge a complain. They merely say ok i will feedback to management without giving assurance. If i were given a choice in the morning, i wouldn’T want to use their services!!!!!!! Very unhappy and disappointed with them!!!!!


SHD9746 – Cheated by taxi driver

11 Dec 2013   Angie | Taxi Company: SMRT Taxis

The taxi driver uses a longer way – Journey starts from city hall raffles city towards cavenagh road then along upper bukit timah road. Instead of keeping left to make a potential right turn (to junction of Raffles Town club), he kept right and uses the upper bukit timah road then when I asked why he pretends not to hear me; and only after a few times that I said I was talking to him, he kinda said sheepishly oh you want PIE – I can make U-turn then said he wanted to use Dairy Farm road to go to Fajar road.

I make him do a right turn (junction of Bukit Timah plaza) then head straight to later turn out from cashew road…

I must admit that I was not unfamiliar with the charges but when he stopped to let me alight, the BIG meter shows $16 plus while right under this meter to the left a smaller meter shows $2 with another to the right side that says $7+. I asked him how much – he said $23.50. I realized that he did not press anything to total the whole fare and thought that was not right – chided him that he had gone the long way making me pay extra.

I got up the taxi at 10.40 pm from city hall and alighted at 11.05 pm.

Got to check with a colleague who told me that doesn’t sound right and also I have never paid so much for a journey home that is costing so much for that same trip …then decided I should feedback.


SHB8313P ★★★★★ Grateful passenger

11 Dec 2013   Chen Xiumin | Taxi Company: Premier Taxis

I left my wallet in the taxi and couldn’t recall where I have left it. Just as I was about to call the banks to put my credit cards on hold, the call came in to say that the taxi driver has brought my wallet to my company’s reception desk. Everything was fully intact. This happened within 30 mins of us leaving the taxi!


SHA567G ★★★★ Kindest, caring, most compassionate driver I have come across in Singapore.

11 Dec 2013   Joy Leworthy | Taxi Company: Comfort Taxi

I am an expat and live on the East Coast. I had to go to KK Hospital as my 13 month old daughter hurt her arm. The driver arrived before the quoted time. My daughter was crying as she was in pain and the driver was caring enough to ask what the problem was. He tried to get us there as quick as possible but took care to drive as gently as he could. It was my first time to KK hospital and he dropped me exactly where I had to go. He was very concerned and offered me help exiting his cab 🙂 even though I had someone along to help. In the worried state that I was I did not get his name but he certainly is an asset to his company. A job well done and I hope to drive in his can again!


SHB8047H – Shocking

10 Dec 2013   Taxi Company: Premier Taxis

This driver took me on an unscheduled tour of Singapore in order to build up his fair. Pick up from Chandi Airport Terminal 2 destination Marina Mandarin Raffles Blvd. His threats included legal action, bringing disrepute to him, claiming he was very qualified and this was second job. He even claimed Marina Mandarin was not in Raffles Blvd. He was scamming no doubt.


SHD9040J – Taxi driver was on the phone all the time

9 Dec 2013   Martin Helander | Taxi Company: Transcab

Stressful as the driver was talking on the phone throughout with concern for passenger. In addition the music was on. So it was not a peaceful ride from hospital to campus for patient.


SHD9566J – Nasty Driver

6 Dec 2013   MS Ng | Taxi Company: Transcab

At 7.00pm I make a booking at Tampines st 81and this taxi come. When I got into this taxi with my baby, I told this taxi to go by TPE to Anchorvale Lane. What happens is that this taxi take me round the tour to Tampines Center first than make a big turn to TPE. When I told this driver that you have driving towards the wrong way than he starts to argued with loud voice.

Taxi driver : No this is the correct way. This way is faster way to TPE. Me: There is no taxi driving me pass this Tampines center and you are the first taxi. I normally only spent 15mins to reach home.

Taxi driver: I use this way which also 15mins.

What happen is that, a lot of stopping due to red lights along the way and my baby starts to cries coz is too long. By time I reach home, is already 7.40pm. Do you all think is only 15mins that is what he have said and he make me to paid $20.00 instead of $12 plus which I usually paid.


SHC8792J – Totally Disappointed

6 Dec 2013   Lim Chi Tuck | Taxi Company: Comfort Taxi

Taxi No. SHC8792J
Trip NO 120622215
Amount Paid $18.55
Start 22:21 -22:46
Distance 18.2KM

I am a person who takes cab frequently and has been glad with the service all these years.

However, today evening, i took a cab from Serangoon North to Tampines, requesting the route to go by TPE. Clear obvious instruction has been verbalised to the cab driver but instead, he took a turn that heads to CTE, saying that he would like to go by CTE to Tampines! This is an obvious situation to know that it will have slow moving traffic at PIE at that point of time and its obviously a longer route. I took many taxi from the exact same spot from serangoon north, to the exact same spot at the Tampines destination during midnight(s) and the total fare including midnight charge has always been less than 18SGD. Yet today, i only paid for peak hour surcharge,25%, and its more expensive compared to when i pay for midnight surcharge of 50%? And why should he insist on going CTE even when i state that i would like to go by TPE? Because he would like to scam a few dollars from me?

Normally the distance would be around 14KM, yet in this case, he drove for a freaking 18.2KM and for 25 minutes! He is even taking his own sweet time to drive. I am very disappointed with this situation encountered and hoping for an explanation and a solution to this.


SHC2649E – Utterly Displeased

6 Dec 2013   Kaiying | Taxi Company: Comfort Taxi

To whom it may concern,

I am very displeased by an incident that happened yesterday morning (06-Dec-2013) in a Comfort taxi SHC2649E, Mr Tan.

Every morning as usual i will on call a cab. It shows 3-5 mins for the cab to arrive. However i was late for 5 mins. I board the cab and the cab uncle said in a angry manner that he waited for very long and had already click ‘no show’. I kept quiet and was still in a cab waiting for him to drive off.

After about 20 secs, he was still eating and drinking water. So i told him, “”are you going off?”” He replied “”I’m eating, if you can wait you wait. If you cannot wait you get out and take other cab.”


How can such attitude be acceptable? Please kindly look into this matter. You may contact me at


SHD999C – Very Poor Service and Attitude

6 Dec 2013   Victoria Leong | Taxi Company: Comfort Taxi

I boarded a Mercedes Taxi SHD999C from Marina Cruise Centre on 6 Dec at about 10 am. I have read and heard much about poor service attitude of such taxi drivers, including stories of how some behave like gangsters, but this is the first time I encounter one.

Barely 3 mins into the trip, the driver picked up a phone call, apparently from one of his colleagues. He spoke very loudly in Hokkien, talking about what are some fares that he would not pick up because it was “”not worth it””. This confirms reports that one problem to our poor taxi service is the behavior of some taxi drivers, many of them driving limousine taxis.

When we reached the destination, I paid the required fare with surcharge. As my wife had to take care of my son, and the luggage were quite heavy, I politely asked for his assistance with taking the luggage from the boot. To my surprise (and rude shock), he said my wife could help. He further said that he is not a porter and is responsible for only driving. He also challenged me to complain about him.

In the end, I have no choice but to carry the heavy luggage from the boot on my own.

With such taxi drivers, our taxi standards will never go up.